Rebuilding Bodies....Rebuilding Lives - Company Message
Recovery Training of  Memphis provides the following services:
1. Weight control/ Body composition optimization
2. Body sculpting, muscle firming and toning
3. Aerobic/cardiovascular personal training
4. Specific sport personal training
5. Strength training for seniors
6. Strength training
7. Core strength training
8. Plyometric training
9. Flexibility/ stretching
10. Fitness training for baby boomers
11. Post-surgical strength and fitness training
12. Specific chronic condition or disease training
13. Specific training and treatment of common runner's injuries
14. Maximal strength testing
15. Runner injury assessment
16. Dietary/Supplementation advice and monitoring
17. Fitness training with high blood pressure.
18. Fitness training with diabetes
19. Fitness training with heart disease
20. Fitness training with osteoporosis
21. Fitness training with cancer
All training and conditioning is based on session packages. Call for prices and specials. Currently, I utilize a  full-service training site in Cordova to meet all of your needs and achieve your fitness goals.
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